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Vandalism Update 2

Hi Everyone Just a quick update. We have heard from Tracey Mienie (Holy Trinity) that there may be some evidence that could DNA one of the vandals. The damage to the church was considerable too. Bernadette tells me that Maritime Heritage also suffered damage and

Daniel Krzyszczak from ICOS (International Community Organisation of Sunderland) reports a theft and observed thefts from Backhouse Park which the Police did not action apparently. We had a meeting last week with Sarah Carr from Heritage Action Zone (Sunderland Council) and members from a number of organisation affected. Two Police officers attended to provide advice regarding how to better protect ourselves. Fingers crossed that DNA evidence can actually identify someone involved. As a group of heritage interest, clearly being targeted by vandals, we feel that we will be better placed to apply pressure to the Police and to organise an effective reporting system. Alan Cummings Volunteer

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