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The Donnison School Heritage and Education Centre Today

The Donnison School today is a very active heritage and education centre with a full range of annual events and activities that appeal to a wide spectrum of ages, interests and backgrounds.  Each year we undertake a variety of projects which bring into focus important aspects of the heritage of Sunderland, its industry and its people.

The Late Georgian, Early Victorian Schoolroom.

Donnison school room 2.jpg
Donnison school lesson

Our schoolroom is in regular use by local school groups.  The room has been renovated retaining as much as possible of the original structure and appearance whilst making concessions to necessary modernity.  The children who visit us get to experience something approaching life in a small Edwardian school.  The children get to dress in costume, use slates and chalk, see a blackboard and other traditional items in use.  They get to hear about what would be taught at that time, to experience an actual lesson and to imagine life for a child living in that era.  

This same room serves many functions today.  It is in constant use in a variety of guises in order to make full and regular use of The Donnison School site - so on occasion it also serves as a tearoom, office, lecture room and craft room - all depending upon demand.

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