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Edwardian School
At the Edwardian School events, teachers and pupils dress in period costume to enhance perceptions.  The teaching / learning during these sessions is designed to reflect period subjects, and explain the classroom of the Edwardian era.  The teaching styles are more didactic and teacher led than current practice.  Rote, repetition and question / answer are experienced with an explanation of Edwardian "discipline" techniques.

Pupils get to use slates with chalk, sit in rows, answer questions, enjoy a "play time" using the adjoining field with access to hoops, top and whips, skipping ropes etc. or, if wet outside, sit in our cafe. 

General Teaching

Our teaching programs cater for a diverse population of learners and programs.  We employ experiential approaches that are student centered, often group based and employing prepared resources that are activity focused.

Some of our programs are accredited by WEA or other bodies.

We have a variety of teaching materials available for schools through a number of sources.

Sunderland Heroes and Villains
Target audience - Year 4, 5, 6
Web resource with interactive map and pupil worksheets, teacher resources.
Investigate Sunderland's East End and explore and learn about the past through its local characters, both good and bad!
Individual pupil work sheets and opportunities for group work. Links to external resources to further extended research and learning.
History project.
Curriculum Links to Locality, Citizenship, History
Web site to use individually or whole class combined with pupil worksheet resources, information, links to external sites and teacher resources.


Mrs Pallis.

Students of ESPA (autistic) help present this social history of life in Sunderland in the 1930's. The story is fact and features an enactment of Parliamentary debate regarding the state of people living in poverty at this time.


Sunderland Parish Church 1719 and Social Condition

The Holy Trinity Church was Sunderland's parish church and local government centre. The site features the church but includes many teaching activities and resources covering a range of views of life from 1719 to date.
The new interactive Heritage Trail is of particular interest.


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