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Vandalism Update

Hi Everyone

First, just to say THANK YOU to everyone for your support, donations and kind messages. If we have not yet replied to specific messages, please excuse us as manpower is limited. We will be in touch as soon as possible. Sorry for the slow update regarding the vandalism and thefts from Donnison but we have had a very busy spell of activity and it has taken time to talk with various players. Following an email to Kim McGuinness regarding the issues we were encountering, I was contacted by Sgt Paul Smith and spoke to him in some detail a week ago Thursday. Following that conversation we were visited by two CSO's based at the Orphanage. Apparently Trafalgar Square, Donnison, Holy Trinity and the Masonic Lodge are all suffering theft and vandalism. On Tuesday this week, we had a meeting organised by the Heritage Action Zone at Donnison with a number of interested parties including two Police officers who provided helpful advice. As a result we have further changes to make to our new CCTV system. We are now anticipating a further meeting with HAZ and to establishing a contact / relationship with our local CEO's.

Best Wishes

Alan Cummings Volunteer

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