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Vandalism At Donnison :-(

Hi Everyone

Today's blog is a sad one - yet again the Donnison School has been targeted by vandals. Two or three months back someone tried to kick in the front door. It is well protected but damage resulted from the activity. A little while later, many of the items in our garden were taken - benches, antique chimney pots, stone seats and our lovely statue of a girl reading that was in the middle of the lawn. Despite reporting this to the Police, providing photographic evidence of the person responsible with the items, his address and name, nothing was recovered. CCTV was installed as a result.

The latest event was last week when vandals stripped lead from the roof, avoiding the CCTV cameras. Some was found abandoned in Church Walk. We have had estimates up to £3000 for repairs to the roof but time is passing and the weather is changeable. Last night's rain has come through the roof in a number of places and is very upsetting. Hopefully we can obtain help from the insurance to make repairs, but this increases on-going costs. All very upsetting.

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