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Please Note - Events may be FREE but we suggest a MINIMUM £3.00 per person donation to cover costs.  Tea/Coffee we charge extra.
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Photographs, Photography and Me

Come along for some fun, informative
and enjoyable workshops.


Improve your photography skills, learn
about great photographic images,
share your photographs and develop
new skills and make friends!
Workshops with Susan Jones.


Sessions on Fridays 1.30pm - 3.00pm 

Register at The Donnison School by
calling  0191 565 4835



Technology and Computer support

Struggling to get to grips with technology and some basic computer skills? Then this is for you!

Pop in and have a chat with technology guru Alan and see if Alan can support you.

Bespoke support. Sessions on Wednesday 12.30pm - 2.00pm 

Family Photo Album

Family History Research Drop In

Need some 1:1 support with your family history research? 

The Donnison Centre will be offering access to our skilled genealogist to help you discover the past!

Sessions starts Thursday 1st February at 11am.

Register at The Donnison School by
calling  0191 565 4835

Music Therapy.jpg

Well-being through Music

Curious to how you can use music to manage stress and improve mental well-being Join us with certified music therapist Justin for this wellness workshop.

Try some of the enhanced wellness strategies, that will make you feel better.

Sessions on Wednesday 1.00pm -2.00pm 

Register at The Donnison School by
calling  0191 565 4835

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