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2020 developments

Well, Christmas is nearly upon us and we have started preparations to make the move to our new expanded home the Elephant Tea House. The Donnison site has been "cluttered" for some time and moving all of this material and equipment will take some time. The actual move will take place in January 2020. Following this, the Donnison building will undergo a period of adaption and redecoration which will offer a new and improved heritage experience. Our new program of events and activities for 2020 is due out shortly. It is an exciting and innovative program, as you would expect from the Donnison, and will be delivered by our amazing team of speakers and volunteers. Due to the move, our events program may not actually get started until March - but is worth the wait.

*** If you are looking for something innovative for a Christmas present, please consider purchasing a Membership of the Friends of Donnison School. This is extremely valuable for us as it is a direct financial support. The cost is unchanged - £15.00 a year - £25.00 per couple or £50.00 for a life membership.

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